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We are manufacturing of Rigid PVC film through Calendering process with high technology with trained qualified person. Our products are manufactured in an imported 6 roll inverted L design Xuan made with new technology. Our products are delivered to customer location by keeping customers priority and its end application. These products are safe for primary packaging application due to its chemical and mechanical thermal properties due to overall process aids. These products are using as primary and secondary packaging application for pharmaceuticals tablets, capsules and IV canula application. Apart from this Rigid PVC film has been taken a wide application in food grade, engineering and electrical application due to its high quality, optimized cost & yield effective.

The different types of grades with different thickness of Rigid PVC film are manufactured as per customer requirements to meet customer’s desire application and overall satisfaction.

Physical, chemical and thermal properties are always complying with EU and USP requirements.

With excellent thermoforming properties, we can manufacture Rigid PVC film in various thicknesses with transparent and opaque shade. Upon special request, new shade can be developed as desired by customer.

Our manufactured Rigid PVC film is suitable for used in any blister forming and thermoforming machine by keeping the heating plate should be free from any dents, dusts and rough surfaces.

The manufacturing film has following special characteristics:

Excellent technical support and service to customer location

Minimum thickness tolerance with low variance in grammage

Good Thermoformability

Maximum yield due to low variance in Thickness and Grammage

High Transparency with minimum flow design

1. All our production processes are carried out inside one premise from incoming Raw material to outgoing finished products. The products are manufactured in hygienic conditions with maintaining required room temperature.

2. All our process & facilities are followed as per current Quality Management System guidelines & as per cGMP.

3. All products characteristics are controlled as per predefined quality plan and sampling procedure. Some of key properties are tested at outside world class NABL accredited laboratories like Intertek India, SGS India, CIPET Ahmadabad and NTC Pune.

4. All raw materials and required additives are stored in designated hygienic store room with recommend temperature and away from direct sun light.