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Quality Control

The Company has a clear, written down Quality Policy which projects the company's vision and the management's commitment to Quality, the compliance to standards going beyond customer satisfaction to customer delight and achieving the Quality objective through its infrastructure and work practices. The Quality Policy of the company is stated as follows:

“Rajat Vinyls Pvt. Ltd is committed to provide Quality Products & Services at optimum cost and to continually improve the Quality Management System for enhancing customer satisfaction on a sustained basis by total employee involvement”.

  • The authorization of written procedures and other documents, including amendments.
  • The monitoring and control of the manufacturing environment.
  • Calibration of analytical apparatus, instruments and equipment.
  • Validation of analytical methods.
  • Qualification / Calibration of Process equipment.
  • Process Validation.
  • The approval and monitoring of vendors of starting materials.
  • The monitoring of storage conditions for materials and products as designated.
  • To approve or reject Raw materials, packaging materials, and intermediate and finished products.
  • To approve sampling instructions, specifications, test methods, and other quality control procedures.
  • To check the maintenance of the department, premises and equipment.
  • To ensure that all necessary testing is carried out.
  • To evaluate batch records.
  • The inspection, investigation, and sampling, in order to monitor factors that may affect product quality.
  • The retention of records as per statutory guidelines.

The objective expressed in the policy statement is achieved by a carefully designed quality system which incorporates the following elements:

  • Organisational Structure.
  • Responsibilities
  • Quality Management Procedures.

1. Organisational Structure

The Quality Division is headed by the Manufacturing Head, who is a qualified and experienced in same industrial field. He works independently and reports directly to the Managing Director of the Organization. The Quality Division consists of Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions, which are manned by sufficient number of qualified and experienced executive & dedicated Supervisors.

2. Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Quality Control Unit as part of the Quality Assurance Function in the Quality Management System, includes the following activities:

  • Physical Properties Analysis.
  • Raw Material Analysis.
  • Packaging Material Testing
  • Retention of Control Samples
  • Preservation of Batch History Records.
  • New Color / Shade Development
  • Certificate of Analysis

3. Quality Management Procedures And Documentation

The quality management system has the following procedures and documents

Clearly defined production and control procedures in the form of:

  • Master Production Planning & Control Records.
  • Batch Production & Control Records.
  • Material specifications and Test Methods
  • Product Specifications and Test Methods

Standard Operating Procedures – Wok Instructions

  • Training Records
  • Relevant Departmental Documents.

All raw materials, packaging materials, in-process materials and finished products are analyzed by validated test methods, against pre-defined specifications and released for distribution only after approval.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out under expert technical supervision and a well developed in-process quality control system is in force to ensure that the processes are in a state of control.

Quality audits are carried out at regular frequency and corrective action taken for any nonconformance.

Responsibilities of key persons are clearly defined in their job descriptions.

All manufacturing processes are clearly defined in the batch production and control records, which are regularly reviewed for compliance.

All critical manufacturing processes are validated initially and subsequently, if any changes are undertaken at any stage of the manufacturing process.

All activities are clearly defined in the respective department SOPs in the form of work instructions.

All manufacturing and quality management personnel are regularly trained, as per training needs calendar and also skill matrix received by department head, to update their knowledge and skill.

All manufacturing and QC records are reviewed regularly and kept updated.

Q A has an effective product recall system.

Retained samples are kept for each batch produced as per statutory requirements.

Technical audits by external authorities are carried out as per company's requirement from time to time. A Self Audit System is designed for internal inspection, and carried out as per predefined quality plan, seeking compliance to the audit points within a fixed time frame. Such Audit Reports along with their compliance status and actions taken are recorded and updated after each audit.

The Self Audit Report includes a detailed questionnaire, which covers the practically all aspects of the process operations. The observations are discussed with the concerned personnel to take corrective actions wherever needed.

A vendor certification system for RM and PM Suppliers / Manufacturers exists in the Company and is mainly carried out through on the basis of past history, market image, on site evaluation and verification / testing of product samples at organization works.

Release of Finished Products for Distribution and Sale follows the defined procedure as per work Instructions. The system is designed to take care of Batch reconciliation from manufacturing to packaging, Batch Transfer to Bonded Stores, complete batch testing and issue of Certificate of Analysis by Quality Control Department, Batch Card Review, approval and final authorization by Quality Assurance Department of the release for distribution and sale.

Our Quality Control facilities are self sufficient and well equipped to prove our material’s (manufactured PVC film’s) Physical Properties. However, as per requirements by our valuable customer’s and to satisfying them as per our quality policy, we conducted some chemical test analysis as per their requirements at Govt. approved public testing Laboratories is sought as per our “QUALITY PLAN” as follows, if required:


  • Contact Person: Mr. Sunil Gupta
    Plot No. A/321, Road No. 22
    Wagle Esate, MIDC
    Thane (West) – 400 604
    Phone No: 022 – 25804765 / 66
    Fax No: 022 – 2580 4768


  • Contact Person: Ms. Anitha
    Consumer Testing Service Laboratory
    1/509A, Old Mahavalipuram Road
    Thoraipakkam, Chennai – 600 097
    Phone No: 044 – 66693000 to 3004
    Fax No: 044 – 24963075


  • Contact Person: Dr. K.G. Apte
    S. No.36/1/1, M.N. 199, Vadgaon Khurd
    Pune – 411 041
    Phone No.: 020 – 24392933


  • Contact Person: K.P Jain
    1st Pokhran Road,
    Shatri Nagar, Thane – 400606
    Phone No.: 022 – 4085 8080
    Fax No. : 022 – 4085 8009
    E mail:


  • Contact Person: Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy Vidyapuram
    Plo 1C, Sector 5, Nerul
    Navi Mumbai – 400706
    Phone No.: 022 – 2771 7937/3841
    Fax No.: 022 – 2771 8620
    E mail:


  • Contact Person: Mr. Ravi Kumar
    Swastik Mills Compound
    V.N. Purav Marg, Chembur
    Mumbai – 400 071
    Phone No.: 022 – 6767 7000
    Fax No.: 022 – 6767 7080
    E mail:
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